Buying vs. Leasing A New Chevrolet. Chevrolet lineup.

Buying vs. Leasing A New Chevrolet

Are you in the market for a new Chevy car, truck or SUV but not sure whether buying or leasing is right for you? Come talk to the experts at our Chevrolet dealership near Henderson, TX, and you can learn more about the main differences between buying and leasing a new Chevy vehicle. We can walk you through the pros and cons of leasing and buying, giving you all the information you need to finance a new Chevy model with confidence. Schedule a test-drive at Peltier Chevrolet and sit down with out Chevy finance pros to find the right option for you!

The new Chevrolet lineup has something for everyone, whether you want a fuel-efficient sedan, a spacious SUV or a powerful truck. With so many award-winning Chevy models available, your only difficult decision will be which car you want to take home. If you're interested in paying for complete ownership of the car and you don't mind slightly higher monthly payments, you may find that buying your car is the ideal option. This also comes with zero mileage restrictions and you'll be able to customize your car as you please. If you'd rather get a new Chevy model every few years and would rather have lower monthly payments than ownership of the car, then leasing the car is probably right for you. All it takes is one conversation with our Chevy finance team for you to get all the details you need!

Blue 2018 Cruze.



Pay to own the car and the title of the car is in your name



Pay for the use of a new vehicle and move on once the lease ends

Black 2018 Equinox

Down Payment


Typically comes with a higher down payment


Smaller down payment, which means less money upfront

Black 2018 Malibu

Monthly Payments


Higher monthly payments


Lower monthly payments

Red 2018 Silverado 1500

Mileage Limits


No mileage restrictions


Lease terms will dictate mileage limits

Brown 2018 Traverse



Responsible for all upkeep of your vehicle not covered by warranty


Required to service the vehicle according to the dealer's recommendations

From new Chevy Cruze sedans and Equinox SUVs to iconic new Chevy Silverado trucks, you can buy or lease a new Chevrolet model you love at our Tyler, TX, car dealership. Visit Peltier Chevrolet today to finance a new Chevy model!

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